Whatever the reason for which you have chosen a holiday in Lido di Camaiore, the Florentia Hotel staff will help you to develop it, with all the experience of those who live and know the city, not only in its most folkloristic aspects.

Culture, entertainment, shopping or simply want to escape from the routines of everyday; Lido di Camaiore is still a city that knows to combine the demands of modern life with the beauty that we have inherited from the past. All you have to do is pop a pinch of curiosity in your suitcase, we are sure you will reap the rewards, and take along a swimsuit: sun and sea are waiting for you!

Do you want to be in contact with the finest things in life, air, sun, sea and enjoy the quiet moments horse riding or cycling, or by the sea, while a red sun gives you rest and dives in a calm sea making everything around him romantic and memorable? Or maybe spend wonderful evenings with your loved ones or your friends in the most fashionable and most exclusive places and clubs? So you can not miss a wonderful holiday in one of the most evocative resort of Tuscany, where the air you breathe during the year make it a worldwide enviable point of arrival.